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School groups

Pique your students' curiosity about science, nature, and art with one of the many programs available to school groups and classrooms at The Morton Arboretum.

Field trips and school programs

Registration for spring field trips is now open! The spring season runs from April 5th - June 4th.

Please note that this season, due to new safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot book full-day field trips, host schools for a lunch location, or offer lab programs with guided field trips.

Field trips can include either guided OR self-guided adventures. See fees and admission for more details. The Morton Arboretum offers tailored programs for grades PreK-12. Guided programs and additional guided labs are available in addition to self-guided options.

School group field trips are available for the following grade levels:

Guided adventures: Available for grades PreK-12 in spring and fall school seasons
Trek through the Arboretum with your students and a master guide to learn firsthand about environmental science. Our guides use expert teaching techniques and deep science knowledge to make outdoor science fun and engaging.

Guided lab: Available for select programs for grades 3-12 in spring and fall school seasons
Investigate nature up close with your students, using microscopes or other scientific instruments. Labs are designed to extend scientific inquiry and to make connections with outdoor discoveries.

Self-guided adventure: Available for grades PreK-12 all year long
Conduct your own lesson plans among our woodlands, marshes, lakes, and prairie. Staff provide you with suggested itineraries, learning tools, and a variety of excursions to choose.

Classroom visits

Available for grades PreK-5.
Invite the Arboretum to your school. Have an Arboretum master educator lead scientific inquiry and hands-on learning activities in your school classroom. learn more


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