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Center for Tree Science Events

The Center for Tree Science routinely hosts a variety of focused meetings, training and scientific workshops, and occasional special presentations.  Please check here for upcoming events!

The Center for Tree Science also regularly hosts weekly one-hour “Tree Talks” on Mondays at 11:30, primarily between September until May.  While we take a short vacation from these talks during the busy summer months of research and training, occasionally a speaker just can’t wait.  We’ll announce those special talks here.  “Tree Talks” are typically held in the newly renovated Cudahy Auditorium behind the front desk in the Administration Building, but this year they are being offered over Zoom.  The annual symposium for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program in mid-August is the highlight of the summer program.



Tree Talks.  Mondays, 11:30 am, Central Time, via Zoom. This fall, presentations feature current research from colleagues and staff.  

We welcome all interested in attending. For staff, find Zoom links here or watch past talks on Arborversity.  For visitors and external colleagues, please contact spanock@mortonarb.org for Zoom links and more details.

October 5 - Christie Klimas, DePaul Univeristy - Variation in seed harvest potential of Carapa guianensis in the Brazilian Amazon: A multi-year, multi-region study of determinants of mast seeding

October 12 - Jake Miesbauer, The Morton Arboretum - Effects of pruning treatments on tree crown restoration

October 26 - Steve McBride, University of Kentucky - Litter decomposition, VOCs, soil microbial communities, and carbon dynamics

November 2 - Lionel DiSanto, North Dakota State Univeristy - Population and conservation genetics of the rare Torrey pine

November 9 - Cecilia M. Prada, University of Illinois at Urbana‐Champaign - Tree community assembly and biogeochemical processes along an elevational gradient in western Panama

November 16 - Christopher W. Fernandez, University of New Mexico - Forest mycorrhizal fungi and rhizophere ecology

December 7 - Matt Lobdell, The Morton Arboretum - The last fecund hawthorn

December 14 - Allyson Salisbury, The Morton Arboretum - Illinois Tollway Study year-end wrap up

January 18 - Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Nature Based Solutions Institute, Barcelona - What's next for urban forestry? Urban trees in times of change

February 15 - Angie Patterson, Black Rock Forest, New York - Red oak physiological responses to climate change and overall forest health

Tree Talks will resume May 2021