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Center for Tree Science Events

The Center for Tree Science routinely hosts a variety of focused meetings, training and scientific workshops, and occasional special presentations.  Please check here for upcoming events!

The Center for Tree Science also regularly hosts weekly one-hour “Tree Talks” on Mondays at 11:30, primarily between September until May.  While we take a short vacation from these talks during the busy summer months of research and training, occasionally a speaker just can’t wait.  We’ll announce those special talks here.  “Tree Talks” are typically held in the newly renovated Cudahy Auditorium behind the front desk in the Administration Building but please verify the location below as space availability changes.  The annual symposium for the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program in mid-August is the highlight of the summer program.

This fall we will primarily feature Morton Arboretum scientists giving us updates on their research and conservation programs.  But look out for some invited guests!



Tree Talks 

Mondays, 11:30 am, Cudahy Room, Administration Building

September 9: Andrew Hipp, The Morton Arboretum, 56 million years of acorns: Evolutionary history of the world's oaks

Special date: *Tuesday*, September 17: Colleen Iversen, Ecosystem Ecologist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Linking belowground plant traits with ecosystem processes: A multi-biome perspective  

September 23: no talk

September 30: no talk

October 7: Murphy Westwood, The Morton Arboretum, Global Tree Conservation Program update

October 14: Allyson Salisbury, The Morton Arboretum, Assessing tree growth and diversity in highway environments

Special location: *Sycamore Room*, October 21: Christy Rollinson, The Morton Arboretum, Oak resoration: Past & future perspectives (preview of Thornhill Society talk)

October 28: Chuck Cannon, Director of the Center for Tree Science, The Morton Arboretum

November 4: internal training, no talk

November 11: Matt Lobdell, The Morton Arboretum, Plant Exploration in Romania

November 18: Meghan Midgley, The Morton Arboretum, Soil Ecologist

November 25: Sean Hoban, The Morton Arboretum, How well are we conserving species in botanic gardens?

December 2: Luke McCormack, Root Lab snapshots: Forestry plots, waterlogging, and gymnosperm root traits

December 9: Tricia Bethke, The Morton Arboretum, Forest pest and disease update

December 16: Gary Watson, Lead Scientist, Arboriculture, The Morton Arboretum

Tree Talks resume January 13, 2020, with Chuck Cannon discussing, "Assisting trees to thrive in the Anthropocene." 


Please contact cbechtoldt@mortonarb.org if you plan to attend any Center for Tree Science events.