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The Tweeting Tulip Tree

An insider look at the life of a tree

Have you ever wondered what a tree would say if it could talk? The Tweeting Tulip Tree is an interactive social media platform in which a tree will tell stories about its life in The Gateway to Tree Science exhibition at the Arboretum, provide scientific data from its monitors, and share photos and videos of tree life at the Arboretum.

Up close view of bloom on tulip tree surrounded by leaves and branches

The Tweeting Tulip Tree is one of several trees in the Tree Observatory Project. In this project, researchers will share their observations and data as they watch and measure the growth, behavior, and health of individual trees at the Arboretum. Scientists studying the Tweeting Tulip Tree will provide observations of how the weather affects this tree and its neighbors, comment about nearby trees, explain the tree’s interactions with scientists, and provide news related to its health, growth, and needs. Followers can comment on posts and have discussions with the scientists.

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