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Celebrating trees

Trees need understanding and support from people in order to live long, productive lives.  One of the goals of the Community Trees Program is to build that support by helping communities create programs that engage citizens, children and families, and help them understand the importance and benefits of the urban and community forest. 

Arbor Day the national celebration of trees, is a great occasion for gathering people around the joy of trees, the benefits of trees, and the need to plant and care for them. LEARN MORE 


School groups and classes can use prepared curricula or participate in field trips about the biology and benefits of trees, meeting STEM curriculum requirements. LEARN MORE


Volunteer stewardship is an important way to build a base of support for trees and provide concrete, valuable help to professional staff. LEARN MORE


OAK-tober, or October, is the month to celebrate oaks and oak ecosystems throughout Illinois.  LEARN MORE