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Hedge Collection

The Hedge Collection is divided into two different sections, sheared hedges (west, lower terrace) and unsheared hedges (east, upper terrace).

Situated just south of the Maze Garden and Groundcover Garden, the Hedge Collection at The Morton Arboretum serves as a valuable resource for homeowners and green professionals seeking practical information on trees and shrubs that can be grown as hedges. Initially planted in 1934, this collection is considered to be the oldest, continuous hedge display among public gardens in the United States.

The collection is divided into two different sections: Sheared Hedges (west, lower terrace) and Unsheared Hedges (east, upper terrace). In the Sheared Hedge section, there are 30 different hedge examples that are typically sheared 2–3 times per season for a formal look. This group contains some interesting hedges, using such plants as Shawnee Brave bald-cypress (Taxodium distichum 'Shawnee Brave') and Eastern White Pine ( Pinus strobus). In the Unsheared Hedge section are 28 different hedge examples that are lightly pruned 1–2 times per season, allowing the trees and shrubs to grow into an informal, low maintenance hedge. Great plants, such as American Hazelnut ( Corylus americana) and Meadowlark Forsythia (Forsythia 'Meadowlark') are used to demonstrate this type of hedge.