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The Ginkgo Room at The Morton Arboretum boasts a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking pristine Meadow Lake.
The Ginkgo Room at The Morton Arboretum boasts a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Meadow Lake.

The natural beauty, magnificent views, and first-class amenities of The Morton Arboretum make any event special. 

Event venues and rates

Why settle for just a room with four walls when you can enjoy a room with a view? The Morton Arboretum has venues for every occasion, and each comes complete with picturesque views that make any event memorable.  Learn More  

Weddings and receptions

The Morton Arboretum is a natural choice for the ideal wedding  and reception. Exchange vows and celebrate nuptials among flowering trees, beautiful gardens, stunning autumn leaves, and pristine snow-covered lakes.  Learn More    

Corporate events

The Morton Arboretum is an inspiring place for business meetings and events. Several venues, from the historic Thornhill building to the modern simplicity and openness of the Visitor Center, provide ideal settings for professional business events.  learn more

Photography permits

The Morton Arboretum is the ideal picture-perfect setting for any photo shoot. A permit is required for all posed and formal photography or video recording. Photography permit fees are waived for events hosted at the Arboretum.   LEARN MORE  

Social events and showers

Showers, club meetings, reunions...the sky's the limit at the Arboretum. We can help you plan any kind of luncheon, meeting, celebration, or event involving groups of people, young or old. learn more  

Children’s parties

Make a lasting impression on any child with an event held at The Morton Arboretum.  Private party venues are available year-round with themes and activities to dazzle children.  LEARN MORE  

Ginkgo Catering

To make planning your event most convenient, Ginkgo Catering is the exclusive caterer of The Morton Arboretum. learn more

Event Inquiry

Planning an event? Complete a request form and someone from our facility rental team will contact you.