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Canopy Career Chronicles

Story title:  Dina, the Conservation Advocate.  Finding a place for your roots to grow.
Dina, the narrator, says "My first plant memory goes back to when I was six or seven, living in an industrial Chicago neighborhood." A small girl throws a basketball toward a ragged basketball hoop. She is in an alley surrounded by tall buildings. A car passes by in the background.
Dina, the narrator, says, "A neighbor pointed out a plant growing from a crack in the sidewalk." She stands with a basketball under her arm and looks down at a small plant in a gap in the sidewalk. A man passing by on the sidewalk says, "Hey, Dina, I think there's a wild carrot under there."
Dina, the narrator, says, "It blew my mind." She crouches down next to the small plant growing out of a crack in the sidewalk. She says, "What? How can this plant survive here?"
Dina, the narrator, says, "I spent the whole day traying to dig up that carrot." She kneels on the sidwalk, shovel in hand, trying to remove the plant from the crack. People pass by on the sidewalk nearby.
Dina, the narrator, says, "As I walked down the street, I began to realize that everything was connected." Dina, holding a plant in both hands, walks down the alley. She looks around the corner at a tree growing behind a chain-link fence.
Dina, the narrator, says, "My family fed my growing curiosity with camping trips... and I immersed myself in science classes." The left frame shows Dina with a pine cone in hand next to a tree. In the background, her family is standing between a campfire and a tent. Right frame shows Dina standing next to her teacher in a classroom. She has a potted plant in one hand and she's raising the other arm in a gesture of determination. She says, "I'm going to be a scientist!"
Dina, the narrator, says, "I started to see my education, my career, and my life experiences all taking shape. I was on a path." The top frame shows Dina as a little girl striding purposely down a long sidewalk, potted plant in hand. In the bottom frame, Dina is a young woman, sitting in a guidance counselor's office. A man is sitting across from her behind a desk. A poster on the wall reads, "Careers in Science." Dina eagerly asks, "What's a PhD? You can do that? I think I'll get one?"
Dina, the narrator, says, "But as I got further and further down that path, doubts began to surface. Would I be satisfied focusing on one topic for an extended period?" The top frame shows Dina as a young woman walking down an increasingly crooked and bumpy sidewalk. She looks behind her uncertainly. In the bottom frame, Dina is studying at a desk, looking frustrated. A pile of books and a small plant sit next to her. Outside her window, some people play soccer.
Dina, the narrator, says, "I began to realize I was a jack-of-all-trades. Research might not be the right fit after all." Dina stands looking around at five scenes: A man reading a book, a forest with tall trees, a city streetscape, a leaf, and a person looking at a test tube.
Dina, the narrator, says, "So I abandoned my dream." Two books are laying on the floor next to a radiator: Advanced Cytogenetics and Plant Systematics. The books are covered in cobwebs and a dirty sock sites nearby.
Dina, the narrator, says, "I was confused. I was sad." She walks dejectedly down a bumpy sidewalk. The landscape is turning from green to gray.
 In the right frame, the sidewalk dissolves into gray clouds that obscure the landscape.
Dina, the narrator, says, "But eventually, I embraced the idea that that right career was still out there somewhere. I just had to find it. If that little plant could grow through a crack in the concrete, so could I!" She stands looking determinedly at a potted plant.
Dina is sitting with another woman at a table at a busy cafe. They are looking at a newspaper. The woman says, "There's a career out there for you. You just may need to explore a bit. Maybe apply for a few internships or volunteer somewhere." In the background, people walk by, including a mime.
Dina, the narrator, says, "I began taking all kinds of internships." She sits at one of a long row of cubicles in an office setting. She peers around the corner at her coworkers, who are all busy at their computers.
Dina, the narrator, says, "Sometimes, they helped me discover what I didn't want to do." She sits at one of a long row of cubicles in an office setting. She peers around the corner at her coworkers, who are all busy at their computers.
Dina is wearing a baseball cap and working outside, trimming a hedge. A man with a suit and mustache stands by a fancy building with his hands on his hips, looking at her. She thinks to herself, "I love working with plants, but am I making an impact?"
Dina, the narrator, says, "As my path meandered, I began to make friends, gain colleagues, and sharpen some skills." She walks down a snaking sidewalk.
Dina, the narrator, says, "Soon I discovered I was part of a community of people with similar passions for nature and science." She has passed the winding part of the sidewalk and is striding into the distance.
Dina, the narrator, says, "One day, a mentor flagged an opportunity for me." She sits across from a woman at a desk. She looks down at a paper in her hand and wonders, "'Conservation Outreach Coordinator.' Hmmmmm..."
Dina, the narrator, says, "This role is perfect for me. I work with arborists, scientists, planners, and volunteers." She stands looking at five scenes: A man high in a tree, cutting a branch; a person crouched down, looking at a plant; a woman looking at scientific equipment attached to a tree; a man looking through a microscope; and a map showing a neighborhood plan. She gives a thumbs-up.
Dina, the narrator, says, "I build partnerships, organize work groups, and help them implement conservation projects." She stands in front of a group of people who are dressed to work outside. Several of them hold shovels, and one has a wheelbarrow. She points toward a group of unplanted trees, explaining how they will work together to plant them.
Dina, the narrator, says, "I'm also helping to empower volunteers who will become future leaders in their communities." She stands, hands on hips, as a group of male and female volunteers dig a hole to plant a trees.
Dina, the narrator, says, "And, I get to stay connected to science, sharing research with practitioners who apply it to their own work in different ways." She is wearking a high-vis vest and pointing at a picture of a scientist doing an experiment with a tree branch. Several workers wearing work clothes and hard hats look on.
Dina, the narrator, says, "We're facing an uncertain future, but I take solace in the idea that I'm helping our community make a positive impact..." She walks down a sidewalk carrying a plant. Two people are working near a tree with books and bags of soil nearby.
Dina, the narrator, says, "...one day at a time." She kneels on the sidewalk, pointing out a small plant growing through a crack to a young girl. The girl looks amazed. Trees and buildings are in the background.