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Canopy Career Chronicles

Story title:  Sasha, the Horticulturist.  Let's take this outside!
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I basically grew up outside. I was always dirty." A young girl, five or six years old, sits cross-legged in a pile of sand. She lifts her hands full of sand and smiles gleefully. Her mother stands in the background, pruning a tree.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "My mom had a horticulture business, so I'd help her out with little tasks." A nine- or ten-year-old girl carries a large stack of flower pots toward her mother, who is trimming a small potted tree.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "Somehow I always got stuck weeding." A teenage girl is kneeling in the dirt, holding a trowel and a handful of weeds. She says, "Finished." A bucket full of weeds is next to her and her mother's shoes appear in the background.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "My mom seemed to enjoy it, but I decided I would never do this for a living. I liked helping people, so I'd be a doctor." Sasha's mother, holding a potted plant, says, "Don't forget the back." Teenage Sasha holds her hands in front of her and looks up with exasperation as she says, "C'mon, these are the hands of a future surgeon!"
Sasha, the narrator, says, "But the idea of drawing blood was too much for me, so that was out." A female doctor is standing next to an elderly male patient, drawing his blood. She says, "So I've found the vein and I insert the needle... Sasha?" In the background, Sasha has fallen to the ground with a "Ka-Thump."
Sasha, the narrator, says, "Like my friends were doing, I worked a variety of jobs to learn more about what I liked, and what I didn't." The left frame shows Sasha as a young woman, working as a cashier in a store. The middle frame shows her as a waitress, bringing food and drinks to a complaining customer. The right frame shows her kneeling on the floor next to a bookshelf, re-shelving books from a library cart.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I'm at my best when I'm in tune with the seasons." Sasha, a young woman, sits in front of a computer, looking unhappily at the screen.
Winter's tranquility: Sasha is sitting at a desk behind a large window, gazing out at a winter scene with snow and bare trees.
Spring's reawakening: Sasha is sitting at a desk behind a large window, gazing out at a spring scene with budding trees and a bird flying by.
Summer's vibrancy: Sasha is sitting at a desk behind a large window, gazing outside at a summer scene with leafy trees and green grass.
Fall's dramatic colors: Sasha is sitting at a desk inside behind a large window, gazing out at a fall scene with blowing leaves and trees with fall color.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "You don't get that when you're in a climate controlled office. I realized I just wasn't built to spend most of my time working indoors." She sits at a desk, looking outside and seeing her reflection in the glass.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "So I found a job as a horticulturist in a public garden, maintaining their plants and trees." She stands proudly with a shovel beside a large flower bed outside of The Morton Arboretum's Visitor Center.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I came to realize it was a lot more than just weeding. I get to be creative, desning and planting new gardens." She holds a landscape plan, looking out over two people who are planting trees and shrubs.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "And I do a ton of problem solving. No two years are the same." She sits at a computer holding a wilted potted plant in one hand and pointing at a book with the other. She looks confused.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I love being part of a team." She points toward a man with a shovel, directing where he is working. Another man passes by with a wheelbarrow.
The right frame shows Sasha standing near a tree, pruning one of the branches.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "So much of this work has to be learned by doing. I love that it's hands-on and pushes me to continually refine my skills." A man with a shovel stands near a large hole, ready to dig. Sasha, wearing work gloves, holds onto the trunk of a young tree that they are about to plant. She says, "Looking good! Now, let's break down those sides to let the roots spread horizontally."
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I still help out my mom with her horticulture business sometimes... even with the weeding." Sasha is kneeling in the dirt again, this time looking much more content. In the background, her mom works with plants on a large table.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I'm even considering starting my own garden design business someday." She sits behind the wheel of a green pickup truck with a sign that reads "Sasha's Glorious Gardens." The truck has small trees and gardening equipment in the back. She waves at people as she drives by.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "I'm not a doctor, but I've come to realize that this is helping people too." She stands with a plan in her hand, gesturing to an unplanted tree. Beside her a teacher and a student stand by, waiting to help. Two children help balance another tree in the foreground, while two others play nearby.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "There's a ton of research showing exposure to plants and nature reduces stress and improves people's well-being overall." A man lays in a hospital bed, looking out a large window and raising his hand in greeting. Outside of the window, near a tree, Sasha is working holding a shovel and waving.
Sasha, the narrator, says, "So in my own way, I'm helping bring some of that nature into peole's lives." Several children and adults enjoy a peaceful garden scene. A woman and child look up at a large tree; a man points something out to a child on the ground. Sasha stands in the background, looking proud.