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Planned giving and the Arborvitae Society

Close up of an arborvitae leaf

The arborvitae tree has evergreen leaves through all seasons, and its historic medicinal properties sustained the lives of native peoples and explorers for centuries. How fitting, then, that the Arborvitae Society comprises individuals who are committed to nurturing and supporting The Morton Arboretum through time.

Members of the Arborvitae Society help the Arboretum create a greener future for all. By including the Arboretum in their wills or other estate plans, they generously ensure that our mission and programs will continue for generations to come.

Join the Arborvitae Society and become an advocate for a world where both trees and people thrive. There are many ways to make a planned or deferred gift. If chosen carefully, the gift will have great benefits for both you and The Morton Arboretum. LEARN MORE

Arborvitae Society benefits

As an Arborvitae Society member, you establish a personal legacy of support for The Morton Arboretum. In appreciation of your vision and generosity, we thank you with:

  • Annual Arborvitae Society Recognition Event
  • Opportunity to schedule a private Arboretum tour
  • Personal assistance with visits to the Arboretum
  • Special recognition in annual contributor listings, Seasons, the Perennial Report, and on the donor wall in the Visitor Center
  • Invitations to exclusive donor events


"The Arboretum has given me and my family so much pleasure in so many ways over the past 30 years . . . being a member of the Arborvitae Society, by including the Arboretum in my will, is my way of giving back in hope that the Arboretum will continue to grow and prosper." - Karen S.B.


For more information about the Arborvitae Society and making a planned gift to The Morton Arboretum, please contact Jessica Anderson at 630-725-2146 or janderson@mortonarb.org