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Schulenberg Prairie

The Arboretum is home to one of the oldest prairie restorations in the world.  Continuing rare plant monitoring, restoration efforts, and research has made it a beautiful and active prairie since the 1960's.

Morton staff


The Schulenberg prairie and savanna is one of the nation’s oldest tallgrass prairie restorations.  In 1962, Arboretum staff member Ray Schulenberg began planting native plant species into a 1-acre plot on the Arboretum's west side. He collected these seeds from local prairie remnants, brought them back to Arboretum greenhouses, and grew them into young plants, which were then hand-planted into a 1-acre plot of old field habitat.  Some of these local prairie remnants which served as seed sources are now gone and these plants remain their legacy.  At this point, the prairie has grown to be 100 acres of prairie and savanna, due to over 50 years of restoration work by Arboretum staff and volunteers. 

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