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Silver linden is a large tree with leaves that are dark green on top and silvery-white on the underside. Fall color is a mild yellow.

Linden (Tilia) trees are large stately trees whose flowers have a distinct and beautiful scent. Visit this collection on a warm spring day and appreciate the shade, scent, and beauty of these large trees.

The Linden Collection at The Morton Arboretum is fairly large, with 32 kinds represented by more than 88 plants, but Arboretum-wide, there are 45 kinds and more than 280 specimens. Particularly well represented in the collection are Asian species, European, and North American species, and their hybrids. Look for the stately American basswood (Tilia americana) with low hanging branches. This native tree is distributed in the eastern half of the country. Find three interesting geographic variations here including Carolina linden (T. a.var. caroliniana), Florida basswood (T. a. var. floridana), and white basswood (T. a. var. heterophylla). Taxonomically, these are closely related to American basswood.

European lindens are popular as street trees and are widely planted throughout North America. Among them are silver linden (Tilia tomentosa) and its cultivars. When the wind is blowing, this tree displays eye-catching silvery white leaves underneath.

Look for unusual Asian species in this collection including Korean linden (T. insularis), Japanese linden (T. japonica), Amur linden (T. amurensis) and Manchurian linden (T. mandshurica) among others. These are not commonly seen in public gardens. If you are interested in linden trees, this collection offers a great opportunity to study many different species.