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Secrets under Snow and Ice

Secrets under snow and ice: A guided driving tour of the Arboretum

Join the Arboretum’s experienced Tram Tour guides as they narrate two separate audio tours through the grounds, sharing the mysteries of nature in winter. With the Tram Tour program currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, the experience is being made available to anyone who wishes to take the guided tour themselves, either by car or from the comfort of their own home. If you're viewing this on your smartphone, turn your phone sideways (landscape view) for the best experience.

These audio tours are best experienced at 10-15 miles per hour. Listen for cues to help you keep your place. Please obey all posted signs and rules of the road. If you need to adjust your audio, pull into a parking lot or have one of your passengers help you navigate.


There are two distinct tour experiences available:

East Side Loop: From the Gatehouse, turn left through the main parking lot and start the tour as you reach the main road. 

The guides share stories of the things that lie hidden under snow and ice and point out the subtle beauty of the Arboretum in winter.


You can also PDF icondownload a transcript of the tour.


West Side Loop: From the Gatehouse, turn right and go under the bridge. Start the tour as you approach the DuPage River.

Arboretum guides discuss how animals survive winters at the Arboretum, from the smallest insects, to the largest predators. The drive takes you past Lake Marmo, where fish, frogs, and turtles hibernate under the ice.


You can also PDF icondownload a transcript of the tour.

Music: "Kerchingless Wonder" by Doctor Turtle, from Free Music Archive, CC BY