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January 2021: Voices of the Arboretum

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Explore a Variety of Formats at the Sterling Morton Library

Among the many circulating and rare books at the Sterling Morton Library, there are also a variety of resources in other formats: manuscript materials, artifacts, maps, photographs, and audio/visual recordings. The library has a collection of audio files that includes interviews and presentations by Arboretum employees, all of whom have guided The Morton Arboretum’s development.


Listen to the Stories of the Arboretum on ACORN

Voices of the Arboretum is a gallery of audio recordings and supplemental materials available on ACORN, the library’s digital collections database. Scroll through this online exhibit to listen to stories of how the Arboretum has grown and changed over the past century. Some of the speakers in these interviews and presentations include the following individuals.


Clarence Godshalk, superintendent and director of The Morton Arboretum, served from 1921-1966. He witnessed the Arboretum’s earliest development. Click play to hear Godshalk recount what a typical day at the Arboretum in 1922 was like.


Suzette Morton Davidson, Joy Morton’s granddaughter and board member, was instrumental in the establishment of the Sterling Morton Library and the original Visitor Center. Click play to listen to her reminiscences of the Morton family.


Ray Schulenberg, namesake of the Schulenberg Prairie, retired in 1987 as the curator of plant collections. Click play to learn about the restoration of the prairie that was named for him.

History comes alive through the voices of those who experienced and shaped the Arboretum. As the Arboretum approaches its centennial in 2022, listen to the stories of how this unique institution came to be.


How to Navigate Audio Files on ACORN

To listen to the audio from the gallery, click on the speaker symbol or “View Record” to be directed to the ACORN record. Then click play to hear the recording. Click on the arrows below the black box to access more audio content and/or transcripts. Scroll through the menu below the black box to skip to featured clips.

Screen capture showing how an audio file appears in the ACORN gallery. Arrows point to spots users can click to access the audio file's record.


Screen capture showing how to navigate the audio display on ACORN.


To hear more about The Morton Arboretum and its work, visit the Voices of the Arboretum gallery on ACORN or click on any of the following links:

History of the Arboretum

Lunching & Learning with Clarence Godshalk: Evolution of the Arboretum - From Farm to Arboretum

Lunching & Learning with Clarence Godshalk: Arboretum History

Tony Byrne talking to Clarence Godshalk about a typical day at the Arboretum as Superintendent in 1922

Tony Tyznik: Evolution of the Arboretum Landscape - Today and Tomorrow

Lecture by Ray Schulenberg: The Potawatomi

The Morton Family

Lunching & Learning with Suzette Morton Davidson: A Morton Family Album - Personal Reminisces of the Morton Family

Tony Byrne talking to Clarence Godshalk about Joy Morton

Carol Doty Presentation on the History of the Morton Family

The Arboretum's Collections

Interview with Ray Schulenberg: biodiversity, collection sites, plant origins during his tenure

Seminar by Floyd Swink and Ray Schulenberg: Woody Plant Collections

Lecture by Ray Schulenberg: The Story of The Morton Arboretum Prairie Restoration

Interview with Ray Schulenberg by Kunso Kim, Marcus de la Fleur, Tim Boland

Interview with Tony Tyznik: collections development, biodiversity, and landscape design during his tenure

Interview with Walter Eickhorst: collection sites and movement, horticultural developments, and collections purpose during his tenure

Interview with Peter Van Der Linden

Interview with George Ware

Podcast: Planted--Finding Your Roots in STEM Careers

Episode 1: The Start of the Journey: with guest Dr. Andrew Hipp

Episode 2: Early Steps: with guest Frank Balestri

Episode 3: Choosing a Direction: with guest Ashley Tuffin

Episode 4: Merging Interests: with guest Aurelie Jacquet

Episode 5: Navigating Multiple Opportunities with guests Dr. Murphy Westwood and Trinity Pierce

Episode 6: North Stars: with guest Dr. Chelsie Romulo

Episode 7: Final Destinations: with guests Tricia Bethke and Dr. Jennifer Chandler

Episode 8: What Adventure is Next? with guest Audrey Denvir

Episode 9 (bonus): Meet the Hosts: Dr. Jessica Turner-Skoff and Meghan Wiesbrock

Other Topics

Dr. Hall On The Arboretum

Dr. Hall comments on the DuPage County Land Use Plan