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Library resources on trees and conservation

Resources from the Sterling Morton Library

The Morton Arboretum is a leader in tree knowledge and tree conservation efforts. Visit our science and conservation and tree identification and selection resources below to find out more information about the Morton Arboretum initiatives and efforts in conservation, as well as practical information on tree and tree care. Visit the Sterling Morton Library to explore our own collections, circulating and special, on trees, tree identification, conservation and more. Our electronic library catalog is a great way to start your search. View below for more web resources and organizations who are working towards similar goals as well as accessible e-journals for research.


Science and conservation at the Morton ArboretumThe Arboretum’s mission—to encourage the planting and conservation of trees and other plants for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful world—has never been more important. The world around us is not as green as it used to be. Since the Arboretum’s beginning in 1922, practical, scientific research has been a cornerstone activity. Here, we strive to understand how to grow healthier trees and to create healthy tree communities all over the world so the planet can thrive.


Community Trees at the Morton Arboretum - The Morton Arboretum’s Community Trees Program helps communities, public and private landowners, land managers, tree professionals, and groups interested in trees effectively manage and care for our urban and community forest—from nature preserves to parks and office parks, along streets, in homeowners associations,along streets, and in private yards.


Northern Illinois Tree Species List -  The Morton Arboretum has developed a publication to provide current, scientifically based tree selection and planting advice. This resource describes species that grow well in the area and recommends best planting sites. This list also emphasizes the importance of site characteristics and is a tool for broadening the diversity of our regional forest to promote resiliency.


Web resources

American Forest Foundation - The American Forest Foundation works to promote stewardship of America's forest heritage and conservation by working with public officials, property owners, and educators.


Arbor Day Foundation - The Arbor Day Foundation inspires people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Browse through their site to find their current tree programs, news, and links to other valuable resources. Visit their specific Trees page for guides on tree identification, tree selection and care, and the benefits of trees.


USDA Backyard Conservation - The United States Department of Agriculture offers to bring "conservation from the countryside into your backyard." Download tip sheets on tree planting, mulching, composting, water conservation, backyard ponds and wetlands, and more.


USDA Forests and Forestry - This USDA site provides information on the current initiatives in forestry, research programs, and links to other resources websites and practical forestry assessment tools. 


US Forest Service - The US Forest Service website provides news relating to the nation's forests, lands, and national parks, as well as maps, research and development being undertaken by the service, photo and video galleries, and a section just for kids and learning about our forests. 



Arboriculture & Urban Forestry - The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)'s bimonthly scientific journal publishes research specifically directed towards tree care and management in urban environments. Free online public access is provided from the first issue in 1975 to up to one year before the current issue.


Arborist News - This ISA newsletter feautres news from the arborist industry, featured articles, and continuing education quizes. Free online public access from February 2002 up to one year before the current issue.


The Conservationist - Published by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, this magazine provides articles on the local forest preserve communities and ecosystems, wildlife, and the natural and cultural history of DuPage. All issues are freely available on their website.


Forestry - This journal provides scientific data on research on all aspects of forests and trees, particularly sustainable management and conservation. Free reading access is provided for all articles from 2012 and 2013.


Tree Physiology - An international peer-reviewed scientific journal with articles focusing on everything having to do with the physiology of trees and woody plants. The website provides free access to all content from 1986 to the current issue.


Treesearch - This search engine provides access to freely available full text tree research publications from the the US Forest Service. All research is scientific and peer reviewed. 


Blogs and Podcasts

American Forest Foundation Blog - The AFF blog provides weekly (and sometimes more!) news updates about new tree science, tree news, and more!


Forests News - The Center for International Forestry Research keeps this blog chock-full updated with global forest and tree news, and knowledge about how local communities and forest ecosystems work together policitally, socially, and environmentally.


Planted: Finding Your Roots In STEM Careers - A newly released podcast from The Morton Arboretum, will introduce you to some plant professionals with amazing careers, and explore the journeys they took to get there.


USDA Blog - Browse categories on conservation, environment, energy, food safety, plant and animal health, rural development, and more provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.